Model René for VRR

True to the motto “We are ready for you and we welcome you deeply relaxed!”, the new VRR campaign has kicked off.

Four creative spots where you won’t find the employees of Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr in their usual work environment, will you? Anyway, they all agree on one thing: “You haven’t seen us like this before!”

Relevée Management is delighted that model René O got the chance to be part of this campaign and we want to say thanks for the booking! We’re excited to see the spot’s final cut!

Model Johanna for Xiaomi

In order to present the colorful Mi11 Lite, Xiaomi was looking for the perfect girl starring in their brand new spot.

Relevée Management couldn’t be happier about choosing our model Johanna D for this exciting project!

We totally love the shooting results and we’re proud of Johanna who did a fabulous job!

Model Leyla Mert at “Five Souls” talk show


Like her Relevée model colleague Pauline Afaja did some weeks ago, Leyla Mert is on her way to Berlin in order to be a part of the talk show called “Five Souls”.

Relevée Management is excited about this week’s topics and discussions and – of course – we’re hoping for more collaborations to come!


Model Leyla Mert for Hugo Boss


Management was delighted to hear that Hugo Boss is interested in collaborating with our model Leyla Mert.

Upon this request, we loved to send Leyla over in order to fit the new womenswear collection. Thanks for the booking!


Model Pauline Afaja at this week’s “Five Souls” show

Pauline Afaja

A weekly talk show format produced by SWR and shown on YouTube – that’s “Five Souls”. Hosted by wonderful people and spiced up by a variety of guests, this show’s focus is the characters’ everyday lives.

Natural and deep conversations about family, friends, religion, love and relationships create a warm and relaxed atmosphere you’d love to be a part of.

Relevée Management is happy about model Pauline Afaja being one of the guests at this week’s show. Our modelagency is looking forward to interesting talks and our model’s appearance.

Leyla and Dafni for Sportalm


Right after a wonderful Anja Gockel fashion show, Relevée Management and its models Leyla Mert und Dafni K. moved on to check out Sportalm Kitzbühel’s latest collection at Berlin Fashion Week.

Once again, Leyla and Dafni were delighted to present the new and powerful outfits of the Austrian brand. Thanks for having us!


Leyla Mert for Anja Gockel

Leyla Mert Gockel



Relevée Management is starting the year off right by attending the wonderful shows at this January’s Berlin Fashion Week! We are happy to see our Relevée models on the designers’ runways again and would like to thank gorgeous Anja Gockel for another great collaboration! Leyla Mert is looking fabulous in those A/W 20/21 dresses!

Model Joel for Lidl


Lidl is planning to start the new year off right by getting the sweat on with the new fitness clothing & accessories!

Sounds like a match made in heaven for Relevée model Joel who can’t wait to tackle his 2020 workout goals! For that reason Relevée Management is happy about Joel being this week’s Puma face for the new Lidl collection.

We’d like to say thanks to a fantastic team in Berlin that made the shooting day a very special one!

Edina, Anastasiya & Kim for Buffalo

For it’s big sales launch at the end of the year, Buffalo was looking for models to represent the label and it’s new collection on the runway in Cologne. Relevée Management is happy about Buffalo choosing the Relevée models Edina, Anastasiya and Kim for this wonderful job. The three girls made their contribution to a great event and our modelagency appreciates the good and professional collaboration!

Model Edina B     Model Kim V     Model Anastasiya B

Model Johanna for My Little Paris


The new TV commercial of the French start-up “My Little Paris” arouses the perfect Parisian sense of life: A filigree character, charming illustrations, scenic side streets and plenty of little cafés.

Relevée Model Johanna K takes us on a wonderful journey while revealing the beauty secrets of MyLittleBox.

In Germany the spot is currently on air at Pro7 and Sixx. Relevée Management says thanks for being a part of this little French story!

Leyla and Dafni for Sportalm

The show must go on – Relevée Management is more than happy to see its models representing another great label at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin! Sportalm Kitzbühel knows how to put a feminine spin on sporty styles, Relevée Models Dafni K. and Leyla Mert love it!

Model Dafni K

Leyla Mert for Lena Hoschek


What’s next for Relevée model Leyla Mert?

After a great show for designer Anja Gockel, it’s now time to rock an Austrian runway! Lena Hoschek is calling!

Fabulous and elegant vibes – that’s what the new Spring/Summer 2020 collection by Lena Hoschek stands for!


Leyla and Duy for Anja Gockel

When it’s time for Fashion Week, we can’t wait to be back in Berlin! Along the lines “Vote for Alice”, wonderful designer Anja Gockel created a fantastic and strong fashion show and our models Leyla Mert und Duy P. were beyond excited to be a part of it!

     Model Duygu P

Leyla Mert for Anja Gockel



Berlin Fashion Week calling! The tension is rising and Relevée Management is looking forward to some great fashion shows and familiar faces. Of course we are paying particular attention to beautiful Leyla Mert who’s going to rock the runway for designer Anja Gockel at Hotel Adlon!


Shooting with model Julian

Relevée model Julian and photographer Niklas Gotta managed to catch this year’s last sun rays and turned them into a great and productive photo shoot. We’re happy to share the results with you!

Jewelry Shooting with Model Liliana

Schmuckshooting Model

Relevée Model Liliana presenting the Cologne-colored  Colortaire diamond bracelet “Colognetaire” by Schaffrath 1923 as part of the online campaign for the store opening of Jeweler Brogle in Cologne.

Portfolio Liliana

Schmuckshooting Model

Relevée Model Liliana presenting the Cologne-colored  Colortaire diamond bracelet “Colognetaire” by Schaffrath 1923 as part of the online campaign for the store opening of Jeweler Brogle in Cologne.

Portfolio Liliana

Model Amy for Promo Magazine

Out now at Promo Magazine: The brand-new fashion editorial “Jungle Fever” with Relevée model Amy, captured by photographer Chrissi Treegarden. We like!

Model Veit Alex for Gaber Moden

Gaber Moden is well-known for its fashion events that supply entertainment and inform the people around about the latest fashion updates – including famous German stars on the runway! Together with singer Eva Maria Pieckert our androgynous model Veit Alex was allowed to be a part of this month’s fashion show in Döbeln, presenting different collections for spring/summer 2018. Our modelagency would like to thank Gaber Moden for booking our model and is already looking forward to the cooperation on occasion of the next fashion events in September!


Our androgynous model Veit Alex can be booked as a female and male model:

Portfolio Female

Portfolio Male

Interbride 2018

As every year, Relevée Management has been looking forward to exciting days in Düsseldorf where the traditional bridal fair “Interbride” was taking place! We loved to be part of this wonderful bridal event and were proud to see our Relevée Models Michelle E, Sabina G and Lilli D presenting the latest creations!


New faces for Relevée

It’s about time to introduce you to the wonderful new girls and boys that will be joining our model family from now on!


We are looking forward to working with beautiful Alina, Andrea, Anna, Jerina, Julia, Julian, Edina and Amy! Welcome to Relevée Management!


Shooting with model Michelle

“New Game No Rules” – We are happy to share this brand-new photo update with you! Huge thanks to our model Michelle and photographer Marcelo Moraes, great job!